Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quick note on editing

I post very rapidly, hence the long sentences and lack of links. As I get the ambition, i go back and put links in, but I rarely see a justification for making my weblog posts more readable. Usually, even for a "timeless" specialty blog, events have moved on, or I have. If anything, I simply resolve to get closer to inverted pyramid style.

The long rambling sentences will probably stay, but I will try to provide hypertext link context for all the concepts, names and events I refer to. and I'll try to make the first rambling sentence count, so busy people won't have any need to read the rest.

I have some experience as a workaday reporter, both daily and weekly, in both print and radio, and I wouldn't turn these weblog posts in as stories or even op-eds, and I wouldn't collect them in a book, either, without rewriting every one of them.

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