Monday, January 30, 2006

Information overload equals pattern recognition

I was going to try to plot all this out beforehand, Steve Kangas-style. Instead, let's see what bottom up organization provides.

Just as one instance of many, to see what I am talking about, check out "Watch on the Rhine" by John Ringo and Tom Kratman. I suspect, since this novel is so utterly right-wing in tone, that Tom Kratman only has a fascist palette to paint with. After branding all anti-war activists, environmentalists, and social democrats as traitors to humanity, and slathering on the usual market fundamentalist cliches, the afterword to the book says that the "Posleen" (fast-breeding lizard beasts who eat humans) are real, and they're, by implication, Islamic terrorists. Moreover, the treason of the above-listed groups is also all-too-real:

"And should we lose, we will see, or our grandchildren will, the erasure of all that is good in Western Civilization. We cannot afford to lose .... Because side by side with the virtues of Western Civilization are paired vices that may destroy us ... an unwillingness to do the ruthless and violent things we must if we are to survive. ... Perhaps worse than these things, however, the West has nurtured at its breast a set of execrable, vile, treacherous and treasonous villains that seem to seek at every opportunity to do all they can to ensure its destruction."

Let me make a declaration. The authors explain that the central plot device of this book, rejuvenating the SS and giving it back all of its old traditions and honors, is both logical and a pointed reminder of how desparate we are. I would explain it thusly. Kratman, at least, is a modern-day Nazi, and he wants a new fascism without the bad PR the old one had, and with room for Israel (If I have to guess, because she acquitted herself so well helping out the fascist regimes in Guatemala, El Salvador, Argentina and South Africa). Ringo, who writes completely moronic diatribes against environmentalists into his fiction (ala Ayn Rand, they're long-winded monologues filled with half-baked theories, erroneous facts, and specious logic), is probably just someone who thinks that as long as it's against the PC enemy, it's all good.

Nor is this the culmination of some intensive search - it just happens to be the book I read today.

I hope you can see I have my work cut out for me.

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